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Obtain Dermal fillers from Jeremy Hunt

Dermal fillers in the form of injectable materials can be used to fill wrinkles and deep creases that develop on the face due to sun damage, aging, and overactive muscles of expression. Various injectable agents are available to fill out wrinkles and can also be used to provide lip augmentation. Patients of all ages may desire improvement in the fullness or bulk of the vermilion (the red part of the lip), or improvement in unwanted wrinkles. Each patient must be evaluated on an individual basis to determine which technique will work best for their desired results.

Which is the best method of delivery?

Dr Hunt will examine you and decide on the technique that best suits your needs. The injections can be performed at the Institute, and you can return to work the same day in most cases. With a variety of substances available; a permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary change can be achieved.

The Program

After assessment, Dr Hunt will perform the treatment on the same day if you desire. There will be some discomfort and mild swelling after the treatment, but within a few days the final result will be apparent. Depending on the agent used for treatment, the result will last from six months to twelve months for non-permanent treatments.

Dermal Fillers from Dr Jeremy Hunt